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Simple Methods to Grow Your Customer Base as an MSME Business


Increasing your customer base is the sure-shot way to grow and expand your business. On the other hand, unchecked growth can lead to disastrous consequences for your company as it can lead to unprecedented pressure on your resources and the currently available bandwidth of your company. So, the question arises — how can you grow your customer base sustainably? 

Why having a loyal customer base is necessary for your business?

A contiguous customer base can help you have sustainable revenue for your business and a healthy running cash flow. So, with a healthy customer base and a low churn rate, you will always be on the path of sustainable growth rather than an uncontrollable growth of your business that can explode into anarchy. Rather than this, you need a constant cash flow and working capital that will allow you to grow without much liquidation. You can constantly monitor your cash flow through SaaS-based platforms such as CredFlow that help you to automate critical tasks and measure the success of your business.

Therefore, further in this article, we will explain various methodologies to grow your customer base as an MSME. You can reduce customer acquisition costs and increase the LTV of a customer over the years. 

Methods to increase the customer base of Your organization

Here are some of the simple ways through which you can increase your customer base:

  • Government schemes and policies: Start taking benefit of government networks, such as ONDC, also known as an online national database on MSMEs, which lists the name of the business to whom you can reach out! Through this, find out the potential partners and customers through which you can trade and form strategic alliances. Also, use these portals for your competitive advantage and fill the gaps that your competition might be missing to give a better customer experience. It will ensure that you are always on the front edge in terms of the customer experience. 
  • Collaboration with other businesses: To grow your customer base in your local area, start joining forces with other companies in the same sector as your business operates. Also, it will result in more eyeballs toward your brand.
  • Tender Discovery Platforms: Using tender discovery platforms (if your business is into government contracts), you can expand your business to newer audiences without any hassle. There are many government portals, such as GeM or government electronic marketplace, that will expand your audience beyond your local region. 
  • Collaboration with other businesses: Your business can collaborate with various companies to expand the user base! Through collaborative initiatives, you can ensure that you can leverage the audience of your partners to expand your reach and boost your brand presence. It is mutually beneficial for both organizations to have these collaborations because, rather than only showcasing your product portfolio on a single medium, you now have broader channels to connect with your audience. In the same way, the partner company can showcase itself on its brand page and social media to market itself as a thought leader in the industry.


These simple strategies of leveraging audiences of other brands, along with other methods explained in this article, will help you grow your audience. 

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