Unlock Efficiency: Check Out India’s Top 5 Accounting Software Picks!


Accounting software is critical for handling financial activities in companies of all kinds. Effective financial management is essential for small businesses to succeed in the fast-paced, technologically-driven world.

Businesses may save time, lower errors, and make more informed decisions by automating and optimizing accounting operations. Selecting the finest accounting software for small businesses in India, however it can be challenging.

Top 5 Accounting Software In India

1. Tally

TallyPrime is an improved version of TallyERP 9, which was previously Tally Solutions’ most well-liked accounting program. Over 2 million firms worldwide choose this business software because of its strong security features, such as TallyVault, and flexibility in processing e-way bills and e-invoices. Along with providing strong inventory management, it streamlines and automates accounting procedures.


    • Invoicing & Accounting

    • Inventory Management

    • Insightful Business Reports

    • GST/ Taxation

    • Online Business Data Access Simplified

    • Excel Import Function

    • Sync with other software like Credflow

Unique selling proposition

    • Easy-to-use 

    • Support for multiple languages

    • Support for several currencies

    • Security Feature

2. Busy

BUSY is a potent business accounting software that is GST compliant and helps you stay on top of your game by handling not just your accounting but your entire company. Micro, Small, and Medium-Sized Enterprises (MSMEs) can use Busy Accounting Software, an integrated accounting and management platform. It is one of the top accounting programs for businesses in India, South Asia, the Middle East, and Africa, with more than 600,000 licenses sold in more than 20 countries.


    • GST

    • Inventory

    • Accounting

    • Production

    • Receivables & Payables

    • Multi-Branch Management

    • Data Security

    • Billing/Invoicing

Unique selling proposition-

    • GST Accounting

    • Customizable

    • Easy to access

    • Multi User Support

    • Multi-currency

    • Branches and Locations

3. Marg

MARG ERP 9+ is an on-premise ERP solution used by small, midsize and enterprise businesses. It provides many modules tailored to producers, distributors, and retailers across multiple industries. Customers, suppliers, and store owners can download android apps from the solution.

Order management, purchasing management, inventory management, and production planning and costing are among the modules provided by MARG ERP9+. 


    • Send Invoices on WhatsApp

    • 100% Free E-invoicing

    • Payment & Reconciliation

    • GST Billing & Return Filing

    • Barcode Management

    • Online Purchase Import

Unique Selling Proposition-

    • One Million Businesses served

    • Localized for Indian businesses

    • Comprehensive ERP solution

    • Serves Retail, Distribution, and Manufacturing

    • Easy to use

    • eBusiness App


One of the business tools in the Zoho suite is Zoho Books, an accounting program made specifically for small companies. It provides tools for financial reporting, managing expenses, and creating invoices.


    • Invoicing

    • Quotes

    • Customer Portal

    • Expenses

    • Bills

    • Projects

    • Online Payments

    • E-Invoicing

Unique Selling Proposition

    • Automation and Customization

    • User friendly

    • Integration Capabilities

    • Comprehensive Financial Management

5. Vyapar

For Indian small enterprises, Vyapar is a free business accounting software that can handle inventory, invoicing, accounting requirements, and much more! The intention is to lessen the fatigue of a businessman’s daily routine so that he can concentrate more on expanding his company and less on paperwork.


    • Inventory Management

    • Data Security

    • Accounting

    • GST

    • Invoice Payment Reminders

    • Cashflow

Unique Selling Proposition

    • Simple Interface

    • Multi-Platform Access

    • GST Compliance

    • Inventory Management

    • Expense Tracking


With features and unique selling propositions (USPs) designed to specifically address the requirements of small and medium-sized businesses, the top 5 accounting software choices for Indian MSMEs offer a wide range of possibilities. These software programs provide complete financial administration capabilities, guaranteeing accurate and productive accounting procedures.

Every software has unique features that set it apart from the others, from intuitive user interfaces to sophisticated automation capabilities. Expense monitoring, strong reporting features, and simplified billing are beneficial to businesses.

Additionally, some of these accounting solutions’ cloud-based architecture offers the accessibility and flexibility required in the fast-paced business world of today. Real-time communication and decision-making are ensured by the remote access to financial data.

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