Importance of Business Analytics on Mobile


Business analytics will give you the insight that you require to grow your business. Therefore, business insights are necessary for your business to survive in the modern landscape of highly volatile markets. As with every second, the market fluctuates you need to strategize your cash flow — the in and outflow of your inventory and capital should be towards high-impact areas every time. As a business owner, you cannot be off duty — in some way or another way, you need to be aware of your business needs and demands. So, either passively or actively, you need to have a keen eye on your business metrics. Therefore, having business analytics on your mobile phone is of utmost importance as a business owner. 

Advantages of Business Analytics on the Go

There are numerous advantages to having business analytics at your fingertips — from effective decision-making by removing the information lag or competitive edge in the market — you can have it all by deploying business insights to your mobile phone. Applications such as CredFlow have both web and mobile applications. It can provide you with your Tally data on the go with near-instant syncing with your Tally ERP.  

Here are some of the reasons why business analytics is critical for your business:

  • Competitive advantage: There is a considerable competitive advantage in the market if you have implemented mobile business analytics in your business. You can act on the insights on the go as the information delay is at a minimum. If the markets take a downturn and your business faces negative situations, you can take decisions to minimize collateral damage with near-instant critical management.
  •  Increase productivity: With robust business insights available near instantly in the palms of your hands, creating executable strategies would take less time as the information is readily available. Thus, you can reduce the processing time of the data. Furthermore, collaborative approaches become feasible because every stakeholder has access to insights into the business.
  • Faster and Efficient Decision-Making: You can make faster and more efficient decisions with the help of mobile analytics because you have access to information while on the go. For instance, if you have a debtor with a bad aging summary for a considerable period, you can decide then and there to either part ways or take action for that debtor. No information lag would lead to quicker decisions.
  • Knowledge sharing: When all the key stakeholders have access to information presented to them all the time, it will result in better knowledge sharing and innovation in the organization. So, it will result in better business practices. 

So, having mobile business analytics makes you more versatile and responsive to every situation in your business. The ability to take quick and informed decisions makes mobile business insights crucial for your business.

CredFlow: Get Tally Data on Mobile

CredFlow is a SaaS platform that will help you to get all of your business data from Tally ERP 9 to your smartphone. It offers a mobile application that syncs with your Tally to provide you with robust business insights. Also, it will outline and display all of the account receivables and debts. So, it will help you stay connected to your business even if you are away. Thus you are not dependent on multiple teams to get financial information about your business. Furthermore, you can get custom reports on your smartphone giving you a detailed summary of your business. 


So, having mobile business analytics is very important for taking quick and efficient decisions. It will help your organization to be more streamlined and end the reliance and dependency on a single system to access your business insights. Therefore, the importance of business analytics is paramount.

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