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Increase Your Working Capital For Your Trading Business

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Being a wholesale and goods trader business is difficult; from inventory management constraints to product profitability predictions and volatile markets, there is a lot, but CredFlow is the single solution to all these problems.

Reduce Delayed Payments in Your Organization

Make your customer’s payment ageing positive with auto payment reminders and bulk reminding options without any hassle! Rather than assigning a team and doing it manually, make all the processes automatic with CredFlow. 
  • You can send payment reminders to multiple people through different channels, that is, E-mail, SMS, and IVR. Moreover, you can send the message after a specific time. 
  • Therefore, you can ensure that the number of delayed payments will be reduced.

Tally and Busy Data on Your Smartphone

When you use your phone to manage your communication and put new import and export orders, then why are you not using it to manage your business? With CredFlow, you can get all your Tally or Busy data into your smartphones.
  • For example, if you have given trade credit to other businesses, you can check how many invoices are still pending payment.
  • You can create invoices from your smartphone, which get recorded in your Tally books. So, whenever your finance team wants to check for any discrepancies in the business, they can always have the data in tally books.

Analyze your customer's payment history

We understand trade credit is a critical part of the business. So, understanding the customer profile and ageing is the cornerstone of your business. 

  • With CredFlow, your dashboard will help you know the average time of repayment from your customers. 
  • Also, you will get an idea of how many of your customers are not repaying on time. 
  • Also, you will be able to know how much receivables are still in processing from your partners. 

Thus, your operations will be more efficient, making your trading operations more profitable

Manage Your Cash Flow With Business Automation

Unexpected situations are always part and parcel of the business; improving your cash flow is the best defense against such scenarios. For instance, due to inflation, the operating cost of an organization will rise. So how are you optimizing the cash flow to counteract this problem?  Rather than raising new cash streams, use CredFlow to maintain your cash flow and have cash in hand to prepare your business for the unexpected. 
  • Analyze how many invoices of which category are paid on time and for which products, thus determining the most profitable assets in your inventory.
  • You can analyze your receivables and payment delivery timeline — on a yearly and monthly basis.

Sort your inventory and manage your stocks

Inventory is the backbone of the trading business, and we are here to support your operations with CredFlow! Thus, your inventory from Tally or Busy links to CredFlow, giving you an interactive interface to manage your warehouse. Rather than going through multiple people, you can see your products at a glance. 
  • Your Tally or Busy inventory syncs with CredFLow, thus bringing all the data into the application.
  • Therefore, you can understand your inventory management needs with a quick view of the app from your phone and shunt out non-performing assets at a moment’s notice…

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